Upcoming Actions to Stop the Vermont Gas Pipeline!

1) Join the Rally to Stop the Vermont Gas Pipeline on March 21st
2) Write a letter to the editor telling why you oppose this fracked gas pipeline
3) Join upcoming canvassing date Saturday March 16th in Addison County  

1) Take Action! Join the Rally to Stop the Vermont Gas Pipeline 

Thursday March 21st

6pm Rally & Speak out
7pm Public Hearing of the Public Service Board (PSB)

Champlain Valley Union High School, 369 CVU Rd, Hinesburg 

Please join us for a rally and speak out before the public hearing.  We will hear from landowners and residents along the pipeline route, as well as other impacted people (and lake monsters!).

After the rally, we’ll all head in to testify to the Public Service Board.  The PSB has the power to stop this pipeline from putting communities and the lake at risk. Together, we need to let them know that Vermonters say “NO” to moving dirty energy like fracked gas through the state and underneath Lake Champlain.

If you are traveling from Burlington, contact Keith (201) 906-4484 keith.f.brunner@gmail.com

If you are traveling from Central VT, contact Sara (802) 338-1613 sarainvt@gmail.com

Let us know if you are coming, and if you want to help with making banners, skits, songs, etc.

2) Take Action! Write a Letter to the Editor!

Vermont Gas Systems proposed pipeline has been making the news, let’s make sure the opposition voice is loud & clear.

Read recent coverage here & write a Letter to the Editor to share why you are opposed to this pipeline.  (Don’t forget to invite people to join us on March 21st!)

Submit public comment to the Public Service Board here.  

Check out some talking points below for some inspriation.

Talking Points

Natural gas is not clean energy. It is a false solution to climate change. From methane emissions during drilling and transportation, to the water and air pollution caused through hydraulic fracturing, natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel that harms communities and contributes to climate change.

Vermont must consider the consequences of our energy choices beyond our borders. We in Rising Tide understand that dirty energy sources disproportionately affect the poor, people of color and Indigenous People. Many people claim, “Not in My Backyard.” We stand in solidarity with all those resisting false solutions by claiming, “Not in Anyone’s backyard.” We banned fracking in 2012, we need to also ban fracking infrastructure!​

We support a rapid transition away from fossil fuel use in Vermont to decentralized community controlled clean energy solutions. New projects like this pipeline will lock us into decades more of burning dirty energy sources, and will delay our ability to reduce fossil fuel consumption in the state.

Send us a copy of your letter! We’d be happy to help get it out to various newspapers.

3) Take Action! Join upcoming Canvassing Date in Addison County Saturday March 16th!

Contact us if you’re interested in door to door organizing with Addison County residents to build broad community opposition to stop the pipeline!


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